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Alan Crandall

An award-winning photographer who embraces all forms of digital media, Alan strives to nurture an innovative perspective creating an enhanced view of traditional scenes whether in photography, computer art or animation. As a media professional, Crandall’s photojournalism focused on human interest and community events. His coverage of the Erie Town Fair has garnered Colorado Press Association awards and hangs on a display in the form of 12 murals at the Erie, Colorado public library. Now Crandall’s focus has evolved into capturing performance art and nature scenes. Currently Crandall is editor of and is the music blogger for the Boulder Daily Camera. He can be found on Twitter @virtualImage and @RMJams. Crandall works with the City of Lafayette Colorado on the Public Art Committee and is a founding member of the nonprofit ARTS!Lafayette.

Andra Zeppelin

A freelance writer, editor and author of the blog French Press Memos (, Andra is a native of Romania with a law degree, and a lot of opinions - most of them on food. She salsa dances by night, devours books, speaks five languages, and skies the bunny slopes. An expert diner and committed cook, Andra scours the city incessantly for the best restaurants, the best specialty food shops, and the most outrageous street food. She lives with her husband, daughter Louise, and a Persian cat in a swanky residence at Taxi II in RiNo.

Bethany Smith

An avid world traveler, a passionate writer and a Colorado native, Bethany has visited forty countries on six continents and loves to immerse herself in other cultures and ways of life. In addition to going on international adventures, she enjoys experiencing culture in the Mile High City. She delights in Colorado’s great art, entertainment, and delicious cuisine. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French from the University of Colorado at Denver and a master’s degree in International Politics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She operates and writes for her travel blog

Danielle Brooks

A dynamic performance poet and communications professional refreshing organizational models with her diverse and cultured perspective, Danielle is a performer with more than fifteen years of experience in stage plays, poetry open mics and competitions. She is driven by her passion for the diverse communities of Aurora, Colorado and the Greater Denver Metro Area as well as issues surrounding family, education and the arts.

Delaney Keating

A socially-oriented entrepreneur, Delaney has established three small businesses all with the goal of fostering creativity, innovation and design. Her bread and butter is RoShamBo, a marketing and creative firm in Gunnison, Colorado where she works with seven creative professionals devising marketing strategies and visual implements for a diverse client base.  She is also co-founder of Salvage & Such (a hobbyist reclamation business that keeps usable hardgoods out of the landfill and available to artists and DIYers) and (a regional online marketplace for art and innovation).  She is passionate about helping to shape the world we live in and living life by her own design. /

Grant Pound

 The founder and executive director of Colorado Art Ranch, Grant trained as both an artist and a scientist. He interprets his surroundings from three perspectives: subjective, objective and a blend of both. Grant was trained in the arts at the College of Art and Architecture, University of Idaho. He also has a degree in wildlife biology from the University of Michigan. Grant has worked as a graphic designer for 20+ years and in 2005 co-founded Colorado Art Ranch along with Peggy Lawless.

Guinivere Stevenson

Is the Director, Producer and Principal Founder of ArchedBrow Productions, a Colorado company making Documentary and Narrative film as well as Docu-Reality Television Series. In March of 2012 ArchedBrow released its first feature Documentary, The Passion for Change, profiling five Colorado Delegates during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about this film and other ArchedBrow Productions projects please visit

Jane Chaney

Since July 2003, Jane and  her husband have lived in Crested Butte, Colorado with their rescue puppy, Annie. In November 2012 she retired as Executive Director of the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association. She is a student of writing and editing and enjoys taking photos whilst hiking, biking, camping, alpine and cross country skiing and snowshoeing. She also enjoys the culinary arts and will expand her vegetable and herb gardens, producing enough to share with her friends and neighbors!

Keleigh Asbury

Since 1996, Keleigh has been living and working in the Denver/Boulder area. She is currently a Career Advisor at The Art Insitute of Colorado for several digital media programs: Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Game Art & Design, Web Design & Interactive Media, Audio Production, and Graphic Design. She also serves on the board of the Colorado Film & Video Association as their events committee chair. She is incredibly active in building local, industry-related community relationships.

Lara Holman Garritano

A relatively recent transplant to Colorado Springs, Lara moved from Seattle and was quickly captivated by the history and heritage of Colorado's second largest city. With a background in arts programming, Lara's career has included positions with government agencies and nonprofits, developing, funding and marketing programs in arts and culture. She has a B.A. in Art History from Whitman College, and a really big crush on General William Jackson Palmer.

Kim Harrell

A Denver native, Kim is a professional silversmith/jewelry designer, arts event manager and a community activist. She loves fine and applied art, dining out, film and architecture, all of which inspire her work and life everyday. After 14 years of living and working in London, Kim returned to Colorado in 2003 for family, sunshine and Colorado blue skies.

Leah Horn

The director of marketing and communications for the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), Lean’s previous experience includes product development, brand management, and visual merchandising for an apparel company and campaign management for a U.S. Congressional race. Horn holds bachelor's degrees in both sociology and journalism (media research) from the University of Colorado Boulder, has a performing arts background, plays three musical instruments, and loves to cook.

Leanne Goebel

Leanne Goebel is the editor and curator of She is a 2009 NEA International Arts Journalism Fellow in the Visual Arts and a 2007 Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Recipient. Born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Morrison, Colorado Goebel can trace her family tree on her father’s side to Gustav Elley, a German Baron, who was one of the first Texas Rangers, but spent most of his life as a Methodist Episcopal Minister; and on her mother’s side to Father John H. Kehler, who arrived in Denver on January 17, 1860 to establish an Episcopal congregation, bringing his daughters from Virginia to escape the rising tensions and coming Civil War. Goebel’s first career was in marketing and public relations with a small religious publishing company based in Denver. Her second career, following a car accident and mild brain injury involves the two things she loves most—writing and the arts. Goebel has a BA in English from the University of Texas, San Antonio and a Certificate in Marketing from the University of Denver. She is a member of the International Association of Art Critics, the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Arts Journalism Program.

Kevin Healy

The native Colorado Chokecherry Tree offers itself with no pretension and it doesn't change its self to taste better to any animal (human or otherwise). Although it is proud and stubborn in that way, it is still one of the most generous plants, offering pounds of food in the form of it's juicy ovaries per tree.. every year. When prepared into jam or wine, it reveals a deep and complex flavor that is globally unmatched precisely because it is indigenous to our Rocky Mountain environment. In that way, it is far more interesting and vital to our culture than its cultivated and glossy store-bought counterpart; these factory cherries are larger than life, and manufactured only for undiscerning mass consumption. In that sense, the Chokecherry Tree is worthy of great respect.  I am endlessly interested in our native artistic fruits, and all of the things that make them rich, significant, outstanding and unique. I am a writer for the Pueblo P.U.L.P as well as a "Cool Hunter" for Colorado Creates and I am hungry for new experiences. If you believe your fruits are ripe for the picking, email me at

Lynn Schwebach

Lynn Schwebach has worked as a journalist for newspapers, magazines and newsletters, winning awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and other professional organizations. She has also worked for Fortune 500 companies, websites and major universities.  She now runs her own company, Jelm Communications, providing businesses with a full range of written and visual communications. She writes, illustrates, and provides the photography for her blog In addition to running Jelm Communications, Lynn also is a visual artist, and many of her pastel paintings have been sold to private collectors. Originally from the South Side of Chicago, she now lives in Fort Collins, Colo., with her extremely creative husband, two creative sons, and unique dog Kennedy. She knows that it’s risky to live creatively, but she also believes there is no better way to live. In addition to her blog, you can follow her tweets @bravelycreative.

Michelle Venus

A freelance writer living and working in Fort Collins, Michelle writes about pretty much anything someone will pay her to write about and often brainstorms with a Basset Hound named Murray.

Roger Rapp

A painter and sculptor whose work explores the intersection of art and science, Roger’s artwork has been in over three dozen exhibits in the Denver area and as a member of "iMiNiMi", a four-person artist group, presented art exhibits in Denver, Boulder, Lakewood and Durango, Colorado, as well as in Michigan, Missouri & Kansas. Rapp holds an M.F.A. in sculpture from the State University of New York at Buffalo and taught sculpture at Cuyahoga Community College and three dimensional design and synergetics at John Carroll University, both located in Ohio. Roger has received numerous awards including the E. P. Rumsey Travel Fellowship, to study Pre-Columbian architectural sites near Mexico City, and his work is in the collections of the Pace Language Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands and National City Bank, Cleveland, Ohio.

Ronna Lee Sharpe

A Colorado native, Ronna Lee works as the Cultural Heritage Specialist for Colorado Creative Industries and The Museum of Western Colorado. She has an M.A. in American Studies and Folkore and has worked at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in western Colorado with her husband and over a dozen horses.

Stephanie Sadler

Has lived in many places and visited many more. Stephanie finds beauty in the forgotten, flavor in the ugly and style in the unusual. She describes herself as an artist, designer, gardener, curator, entrepreneur, beer snob, foodie, traveller and creative, who has a corgi and happens to be good at bowling. Stephanie lives in the high Colorado Rockies and enjoys local festivals, skiing, fishing, picnicking (hiking with cookies) and sitting in front of her iMac.

Theresa Anderson

Theresa Anderson’s collections, drawing, painting, writing, photography, performance art, and installation have been described as “the artist journal on steroids.” Installations reconfigure the detritus of private space and sets of the minu-narrative into public formats that engages the viewer in a temporary relationship filled with slips of the tongue and the pen, misreadings and mishearings. Exhibiting nationally and in numerous private collections she has been featured in publications such as Artists Wanted in New York, One Life Photos, Gender Across Borders, Creative Quarterly, Westword and the Denver Post.

Terry Talty

Terry Talty is a conceptual artist who spends too much time thinking and writing about Visual Art. Having lived in the frozen high country for more than 20 years, she is now a gardener and art event regular in the Big City of Denver. Oh, and yes, she was an art, entertainment and political (is that different from entertainment?) writer for several years. 

Joanne Tullis

Growing up  in Wheat Ridge, Joanne climbed mountains, communed with animals and was a conduit for creative energy of many sorts.  Attending Rice University (where she discovered humidity, spelunking in storm tunnels, the two-step, okra and grits) she earned a five year Bachelor of Architecture degree in nine years, taking time off to work construction jobs to pay for trips to Greece (studying photography and the Greek language) and to India, Nepal and Afghanistan.  For over two decades she designed, remodeled and built a variety of structures  in Denver and Bellingham WA. Now living in Hotchkiss, she is active in the newly-recognized North Fork Valley Creative District, and shows her glass and photography at the Creamery Arts Center.